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Dibi Milano combines technological innovation (the equipment) and scientific research (the products) with experience ( qualified and trained therapists) to guarantee maximum effectiveness for a personalised skincare method and program.

  1. Scientific method - The added value of DIBI MILANO lies in its exclusive and unique method that permits the objective identification of facial and body esthetic criticality, followed by the implementation of an intervention strategy that guarantees real, reliable and rapid results.
  2. Research and development - The DIBI MILANO laboratories are committed in the daily preparation of state-of-the-art cosmetic formulas and in the development of highly innovative and technologically advanced esthetic equipment for professionals.
  3. State-of-the-art technology - The powerful synergy of the most advanced beauty technology, fruit of constant innovation in the esthetic sector, guarantees maximum performance in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, in full respect of safety and reliability.
  4. High performance products - Thanks to the selected active ingredients used in the most advanced and innovative esthetic formulas, all products are developed with scientific accuracy to guarantee maximum functionality and performance.
  5. Personalised treatments - Functional, personalised beauty programs to combat every type of esthetic flaw, implemented thanks to our expert cosmetologists, the only ones able to interpret your skin’s true needs and to take care of them with specific treatments.
  6. Certified results - Collaboration with the most accredited Institutes of Dermocosmetic Research guarantees effectiveness, safety and absolute value of esthetic performance.
  7. Continuous training - Constant training and refresher courses delivered by our highly qualified professionals and addressed to owners and staff of the beauty centres for the correct implementation of methods, products and technology through dedicated theory and practical courses to convey maximum levels of a professional technical-scientific culture.