Xen-Tan is the revolutionary fake tan for people who want to enjoy a natural-looking glow that makes them look and feel gorgeous. Thanks to the unique moisture-rich formula and unique time-release ingredient, now even the fairest skin can enjoy a natural-looking tan. Easy to apply, and with a gorgeous fresh fragrance, it goes on smoothly and fades evenly, for a flawless finish every time. With Xen-Tan you can achieve the beautiful tan you love, without putting your skin, or your health, at risk. In fact, thanks to Xen-Tan's skin-nourishing formula and rich moisturisers, using it actually helps care for skin, to keep it feeling fabulous.

Xen Full Body Spray Tan


A quick and easy way to get a beautiful, safe, natural looking tan is with a full body Spray Tan. One of our trained therapists will spray a fine mist of  Xen-Tan bronzing solution over your body resulting in an even, streak-free, natural looking tan.

For best results, Please follow the below instructions explaining Preparation and Aftercare for Spray Tanning.

BEFORE your treatment 

  • DO NOT put on any lotions, perfumes or deodorants on the day of your spray tan

  • Please exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment

  • Please bring flip flops to wear out of the salon

AFTER your treatment

  • DO NOT shower until the next day; this allows the tan to develop over night.

  • Wear LOOSE dark clothes to go home in as this will prevent lines developing

Xen Spray Tan -  Rapid 4 Hour Develop



Buy 4 Get 1 More Spay Tan


When time is of the essence this specially formulated Spray Tan solution will give a gorgeous tan that will develop within 4 hours.


Full Body Exfoliation + Spray Tan


A full body exfoliation prior to your Spray Tanning treatment will give you  optimum and longer lasting results.